” I am really glad that I came to Mr. Bell for assistance to sponsor my wife. Due to complications I was not sure how to proceed with the application. Mr. Bell understood my situation and explained all probable options for sponsoring my wife. What I really appreciated his honest suggestion and not promising me for any unrealistic outcomes. I thank Mr. Bell (and his associate Mr. Kurtyan) who assisted me all the way and now my wife is with me in Canada.”

 Thank you S.P.

” Mr. Bell,

I would like to thank you and thank Mr. Adolfo Morais and thank Mr. Nicholas Hersh from the deep of my heart for the great work you guys did in helping our family to reunion, you guys did a great thing that I will never forget in my life. you guys make a great strong team”.

– H.  H.

“Mike’s done work on refugee files for me over the years. He and the team at Workable Immigration Solutions have been very effective at preparing the files, forms, documents and interviews. They have been very generous with their time, and their efforts have been successful.  We’ve been proud to work through their office to facilitate several successful cases, welcoming newcomers to our country.”

– L.H.

“Mr. Bell,

I am always grateful to you for your brilliant work on my refugee claim.  Throughout the process of my refugee claim, I have known you not only for the quality your professional work as a lawyer but also I have witnessed that you are a very caring and a person full of compassion towards refugee claimants and new immigrants who needed your professional assistance. I am very grateful to your excellent staff/team as well.”

– M.N.

“Mike, I’m sure you already know this but just wanted to tell you that Yevhen received top score 10/10 for his Client Care. He is truly a dedicated young man and totally committed to his job. He’ll go far for sure. Thank you for all your assistance with our application couldn’t have done it without you and your team. I will ensure that I will tell anyone who will listen to me what an excellent firm of lawyers you have.”

– T.F.

Dear Yevhen and Mr. Bell:

I am writing to thank you and to express mine and my family’s sincere gratitude to you and your team for your professional support and care in each step of my family’s H&C application. 

We will never forget your kind and professional manner and especially Yevhen’s kind behaviour who was always listening to me carefully and was responding in a nice and friendly manner that was making me sure that I am not alone and have support of such great people.

Thank you, once again, for all your help and support!